We are proud to call La Crosse our new home. single.php template

We looked broadly throughout the country to relocate for our career opportunities and La Crosse was the community that best fit our needs. We love spending time outdoors—enjoying nature’s beauty with our dogs, hiking, trail running, fishing, playing tennis, skiing, etc.—La Crosse has all of this and so much more to offer. A community small enough to truly feel like home yet large enough to have all of the day-to-day amenities we need, with excellent healthcare and schools, and friendly Midwestern people, we could not ask for more. We are proud to call La Crosse our new home and so thankful to have found this hidden gem nestled in the beautiful Driftless Region.

~ Kale and Bridget Manuel
Employed at Gundersen Health System and Michigan Online School
Moved from Ann Arbor, MI in 2020